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The aim of this website is to provide philatelic information to anyone and everyone interested in stamps, postal history, postal stationery, social philately, thematic philately plus anything else associated to the subject of philately.

The Philatelic Resource Pages provide information on seperate postal administrations past and present. On each page you will find information giving the background history; details of specialist philatelic societies for the area; links to other pages on Stamp Domain with more detailed inforomtion for the particalar country; selected links to other specialist pages and websites; details of philatelic books, journals and publications about the particular country; and other relevant information.

Details of Stamp Auctions can be found on four different pages. One is for the UK, one for the USA, one for Germany and one for the Rest of the World.

The other sections on the menu are self explanatory.

What's new / recently updated on Stamp Domain

Queensland Stamps and Queensland Postal History - NEW
The area was visited by the Spanish in the 1600s and the east coast was explored by Captain Cook. The area was initially part of New South Wales. Following agitation, for seperation, in the 1850s, the area was granted self-government on 13 May 1859. On 10 December Queensland became a colony.

Ceylon Stamps and Ceylon Postal History - NEW
For some 2,000 years the island was ruled by a local kingdom. In 1517 the Portuguese founded a fort at the port city of Colombo and gradually extended their control over the coastal areas. ....

Thematic Philately - UPDATED
Thematic Philately is the art of collecting postage stamps, postal stationery, postmarks and other related philatelic material to illustrate a theme....

Argentina Stamps and Argentina Postal History - NEW
Argentina was discovered in 1515 and was annexed by Spain in 1534. The name Argentina comes from the Latin word for silver - argentum. The search for silver was prime reason for the first Spanish settlers in Argentina....

Anguilla Stamps and Anguilla Postal History - NEW
The island was first settled in 1650. Until 1825 it was administered by Britain through Antigua. In 1825 it was placed under the administrative control of St Kitts. In 1967 the island declared self independence and briefly called itself the "Republic of Anguilla"....

Ethiopia Stamps and Ethiopia Postal History - NEW
Ethiopia, also known in the past by the name Abyssinia, has always been an independent nation, apart from a brief period from 1936 to 1942. The first known kingdom in Ethiopia is known to to have been established sometime about 800 BC and there have been a sucession of kingdoms since then....

Origin of Postage Stamps - NEW
article was written less than 24 years after the introduction of the Penny Black. This would have allowed the author to obtain much first hand information from people who were actually alive in 1840 and could remember events clearly....

Resource Page for Collectors of Allenstein Stamps - NEW
A plebiscite, under the Treaty of Versailles, was held on 11 July 1920 to determine whether the people of the district of Allenstein wished to remain in East Prussia or become part of Poland. Special postage stamps were produced by overprinting German stamps; these were on sale from 3 April 1920....

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